Tinker Board 2 Compatibility

I would like to ask Volumio could be installed on Tinker Board 2 & Tinker Board 2S.
To use enhanced hardware feature(e.g. bluetooth 5) I want to install it on Tinker Board 2.

Is the Tinker Board 2 already on sale?

Tinkerboard 2 uses a different soc, RK3399 vs RK3288 on the current one.
Due to lack of demand, there is no community image yet to download for any RK3399-based device.

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Bad news. however,
Is it possible to build own custom image to support RK3399 by myself ?

Sure, have a look at GitHub - volumio/Build: Buildscripts for Volumio System

But still don’t see this board available at the usual stores - could you share a link?

Why not.

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Hmm, saw that release a while back as well, but can’t find the board in any of their stores from the Tinker Board section…
But hey if you already have it then great! :slight_smile:
This might help with the porting…
Introduction - Volumio Documentation

I bought this from aliexpress. becuase of ALIEXPRESS
I am very suspicious if this is real.
Anyway, I attached pic of it

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another picture

This seems legit.
We don’t have plans to support it yet. But I will contact ASUS to receive a sample and some info

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Thank you, Mr. Volumio.
What a powerful hardware !!! Hope to support it.

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I am curious, how much did you pay for it? In EU we don’t have any prices yet…

Around $100 USD.

I tried to develop new image for tinker board 2. But I couldn’t.
Migration(or Porting) is not trivial and it required much knowledge and experience also.
Does anybody have a plan to do that ? Could you share the information, documents and articles to me? is anybody interested in porting volumio on tinker board 2?

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I guess that it is a case of waiting until the board is freely available … still not here in Europe today.

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yes, this is not an obvious thing to do. The porting guide is not a step-by-step instruction because all boards are different. Producing the platform files and making sure to copy the u-boot files to the image correctly are the biggest issues, the rest is fairly straight forward.
If you wish, you can PM me and show me what you have done so far, perhaps I can help.

Is there any news about 2S support? I bought 2S and am terribly disappointed that I can’t install volumio. Should I return the 2S to the store before it’s too late? Change it to just S ? What should I do, please help me?

I think they are still not sold in Europe, even through the Asus suggested reseller doesn’t have them.

I suppose we may not see tinker board 2/2S version of Volumio. It looks like tinker board 2 roll-out practically completely failed. Some places sell it but tomshardware review of tinker board 2 suggests that it may be in quite sad state, maybe tinker board 1 even has a lot more support. On the other hand Volumio doesn’t require beefier GPU and tinker board 1 CPU is sufficient for hi-res playback. I’m very happy with my tinker board 1. Tinker board 2 CPU power is definitely useful for resampling and DSP, but still if base software is missing/buggy then Volumio team probably can’t build on it.

Me and my friends also own " tinker board 2s" purchased freely from Europe.Unfortunately, I can’t use it volumio.It would be nice to use it with volumio on my audio /Onkyo Grand Integra M-508,DALI Opticon 8,rme adi-2 dac fs or airpulse a300 pro/