Hi, I find it very frustrating that if I leave Volumio for, say, 30 minutes, it seems go to sleep and it won’t wake up unless I reboot.

I have found no way of keeping it alert, as in most systems. This also seems to happen with a changed file music update.

Is there a glitch?

Cheers, John

Perhaps you could have a look at the log to see if there is any information there (see link to docs below).

Sorry but can’t see any links to doc below.

The documentation is to be found here.

The “Docs” link in the footer of the website leads to the address “https://docs.volumio.org/” which can’t be loaded (“network timeout”).

I found the reference to logs but networkname/devs doesn’t work for me.

I gues I’ll have to work around the network timeout by closing down the system and reopening everytime

Try with your IP address of your device, so for example:

should get you to the dev page.

(Apologies for my “(see link to docs below)” in my reply above … it was a legacy of the old forum, which is not relevant here.)

I’ve managed to get dev via the ip address and sent a log http://logs.volumio.org/volumio/XG5tR1J.html

What happens now?

I should add that I reloaded Volumio yesterday as there was a network issue I couldn’t resolve. I put it on a 64Gb sd just incase there was too much data but timeout issue still there.


I reckon that might be a hardware issue, for the last few versions of Volumio mine has run very reliably 24/7.
I never turn it off, and it’s been available via SMB shares, web browser and app without a hitch for months.
Mine’s on an R Pi 3B+.

Thanks for the thought.

I think I’ve solved it - the router. Sorry to trouble you but have learnt a lot in the process.


Sorry to revive this thread, but I have the exact same issue. What did you do with the router to solve the problem? I suspect my router might be to blame, but I don’t know where to begin.