Time for a rebuild...


I’m a maker/music fan/software engineer/Dad based in Cambridge, UK.
(I am about 300 meters from Pi towers - but they don’t like you just walking in to ask for support :unamused: )

Version 1:
I first/last posted on this forum back in 2014 - seeking some help for modifying Volumio (v1) on my raspberryPi (also version 1)
This was one of my very first RPI projects - and it’s been sat on the kitchen window sill, happily playing music all this time :smiley:

Version 2:
Last week, I was toying with the idea of some further mods - which resulted in my fatally wounding my V1 setup.
As it turns out, that made my Wife more cross than I had imagined.

So, now I have a new installation of Volumio 2, on a rpi 3. And it’s great!
I’ve also managed to setup an RFID card reader using SPI, to read card IDs, and play specific albums via the Web API.

Outstanding issues:

  • My music library is not very well organised (meta data-wise) - so I’ve come up against the well-reported issue that I can’t play various ‘albums’
  • I may have a problem with the reliability of my python/RFID code - either it crashes after a few hours, or something is killing it?

I’ll collect logging data for a few days to see if I can learn anything that might help diagnose why my python won’t just run forever.
I’m sure this is a solved problem, so if anyone has any bright ideas to share, I’d welcome them.

Many thanks!