Tidal won't appear

Hi Guys

after Volumio update I can’t log into Tidal anymore. I pay monthly Virtuoso, my profile shows Virtuoso, but section in My Music says “to use streaming services you must have Virtuoso or Superstar enabled on this device” Tidal won’t show on home screen. My x86 device is connected with play button. I have tried many times to log in and off, resets, reboots and even new flash disc with brand new image. I also used previously working image, but no success. I do see that other users are reporting same problem, but I haven’t found actual issue resolution. Does anyone know what I am doing wrong? I’m doing everything remotely from browser. Also, noticed that this play button to connect device does not always appear.


Did you enter your credentials in “my music” section of Volumio?

There is no Tidal option under My Music, but the message I mentioned above. Nowhere to enter credentials.

Do you still have the same issue? Which image version are you using?