TIDAL seekbar shows wrong elapsed time

Hi volumio, Hi community !

After each played songs from TIDAL, the displayed elapsed time on seek bar get unsynchronized against the real played track more and more !
This is just a time counter failure, the track was played correctly from start to end. After each song the differece is increased by about 0:05 …
For example :

  • Start to play a new play list ( or pausing the current track, seeking to beginning, and re-starting) :
    1. track start at 0:00
    1. track start at 0:05
    1. tarck start at 0:10
    1. track start at 0:15
    1. track start at 0:19

At the each track end, the time counter reach the track lenght, then seekbar jump to beginning, but the time counter does not change its value ( it keep the lenght) until next track starts ( so the current track is still playing).
The new track is not starting with 0:00, it starts with +0:05 more and more …

Spotify and Music Library are OK.

My player is :

  • odroid C2
  • volumio 2.692
  • virtuoso plan
  • Hifi Shield 2