Tidal plugin not working

I’m a Superstar user, and mainly use Volumio to listen to Tidal and internet radio. I’m running Volumio on a Primo, and an Allo Boss, with both running system version 2.806. In the last week, Tidal has not been working - the icon appears on the home screen, but when I click on it, none of my albums or playlists load. I’ve confirmed my subscription to Tidal is still current, and my albums and playlists show up in the Tidal app. The Tidal plugin also no longer shows in the list of available plugins, and when I search for tracks, I only get responses from Spotify. I’ve tried re-starting both boxes, but no dice. I access the Volumio interface from my current phone using the Android app (Pixel 2 XL), an old iPhone via the iOS app, and an old iPad via the web - same results on all 3 devices. Am at a bit of a loss - can someone please advise?!
Many thanks.

It is pretty quick and easy to uninstall and reinstall the tidal plugin, and then relogin.
If I was completely stumped with a tidal plugin problem,that is what I would try.

I don’t know where this plugin story for Tidal came from. There is no plugin to install for this. You must log into your myvolumio account and activate the device. Then, in source, you must enter your login and password for Tidal. That’s all.