Tidal plug in re-install

Had to totally reboot Volumio to re-install Brutefir. Now I can not see the Tidal plug in. I did it once but I can not do it again. Can you please help? How do I add the Tidal plug in?

There is no Tidal plugin to be installed. You have to log in myvolumio then go in source settings and enter your credentials.
If ok, tidal will appear as source

Got it. I have logged in but Tidal does not show. How long does it take for Tidal to show up?

I restarted volumio because I did not see Tidal, and now I do not even see the choice of logging in Tidal.

it supposed to be

It finally showed up. Thanks very much.

Hello, I have the same problem with you, Tidal log-in is not show, Can you suggust me to solve this problem?


was it ever there? is this a new install?have you checked under source settings?

Can you wait 30 seconds after startup before going to my music?

Let me know