Tidal Plug-In Missing on Volumio 3.396

I’m running Volumio 3.396 on Raspberry Pi 4 and everything was working fine and last time I went in Tidal was not available. I checked the plug-ins and it’s not showing up as installed or as one of the available plug-ins. I’m a Premium user and it shows that when I go to settings in Volumio. Any ideas what would have caused this and what I can do to get Tidal back? That’s the primary reason for me having Volumio.

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Did you properly login to myVolumio?
Did you enable Tidal connect under souces?
Tidal and Qubuz are not a plugin and indeed a part of premium.

I tried logging out and back in to see if that would resolve the issue. When I did I started getting the loop with “Configuration update. Player successfully restarted”. I was getting this before I updated going to version 3.396 which fixed it for a while. Any thoughts on what to do next?

I closed Volumio down, then restarted. After that I went in and disabled Tidal Connect, backed out, then enabled it again. After doing that Tidal showed up in my sources. Not sure what caused it, but it appears to be good for now.

Thanks for taking a look.

I spoke too soon. I’m stuck in the “Configuration update. Player successfully restarted” loop again.

Please post a log.
This error has been addressed since the latest 3 releases.
It seems something is wrong in your setup.

Please check if you rpi is powered accurate
Please check your IE connection.
What software did you use to flash the SD?