Tidal Playlists

A good mixture of genre’s and I found to be good quality.

What Hi Fi? Dec 2018
tidal.com/playlist/203428d6-648 … da44c15721

Ultimate System testers by Bowers & Wilkins - 95 Tracks!
tidal.com/playlist/abe0bf4b-2f6 … 4fa8e6c521

I like it!

A few Tidal Audiophile playlists, mainly great recordings and system demo tracks. Hope you enjoy them, let me know if you do!

‘Acoustic Nice’

tidal.com/playlist/7f6722cc-490 … 20113898e6


tidal.com/playlist/4fc15d02-c05 … 865f8cc2b1

‘The Demo’

tidal.com/playlist/0dc27638-ac6 … 5b52db3479

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Check this one out:

Flight of the cosmic hippo :slight_smile: what a great song to test subwoofer integration in car, incredible hard to get the “hippo” stay at windshield at all times of the song.