TIDAL playback

Not sure if anyone has already published a guide to this, but TIDAL integration is fairly easy (if you’re willing to part with some coin).

  1. Have an Android phone. iPhone may work, but I have no idea
  2. Have a pi-Volumio box (preferably with a usb DAC or DAC hat).
  3. Subscribe to TIDAL
  4. Buy BubbleUpnp (android app)
  5. Select Volumio (or whatever the name of your pi-Volumio box is) as the renderer in BubbleUpnp
  6. Configure and select TIDAL as the source in BubbleuPNP (this is a relatively new option in this app. It also supports Google Play Music, and a few other cloud services)
  7. Profit

Great one!

Thanks for this contribution! I was almost regretting for making an Tidal account since I don’t have a windows or mac.

Or use it natively on Volumio using MyVolumio:

I am a member of MyVolumio and Tidal Hi_Fi but can not play hi res music. All I can see is CD quality. Is there anything I can do to play hi res music?

Best wishes

I haven’t done this yet, but I have a few questions:
Is getting Tidal to play on my Volumio/RaspberryPI streamer as easy as Spotify Connect, where I use the Spotify app, and select the Volumio player?
Do I have to use the Volumio app to get the Tidal tracks to play?
Looks like it’s not available on the free version, and I’d need myVolumio. BTW: moodeaudio offers Tidal via UPnP.

Do it.

I just tried my self and it was very easy.
Thank you @akshunj for the tip

I just installed BubbleUpnp, bought the license and after opening the app it detected the Volumio rpi immediately and connected to it.

After logging in to Tidal it streamed to Volumio with great results. No, it’s not streaming Masters quality and is limited to 16 bits 44.1 khz but the SQ is very good.

BubbleUpnp is much much better than Volumio’s native tidal solution which has a terrible UX and is full of bugs. Definitely not worth the subscription.

No, you can’t stream from tidal app, you have to use BubbleUpnp on your android device which connects to your tidal account.

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“Virtuoso” premium Volumio plan, $35/year says it has Tidal and Qobuz integration.

Settings > Sources
You can log right into Tidal

That being said, under the little icon to cast to another device, the Volumio player doesn’t show up. Big Gotcha here: I’m at work on a Wireguard VPN.

We did not implement anything related to “sending audio” from TIDAL…

Read today Tidal is releasing a Tidal Connect. Any Volumio news on that front?!

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OMG, this. Basically the only reason to use Roon was to have a server that could stream the hi-res Tidal tracks to the endpoint (and not use Airplay, which altered the signal path, but also decimates the streaming device’s battery).

Please please please tell me Tidal Connect is coming to Volumio.

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One can only hope, Volumio has Tidal capped at 48khz, no matter what. Audirvana through volumio does give you MQA and 192Khz. But not inside Volumio’s own app.

great solution. thank you for sharing. :+1: