Tidal Personal Playlists


I’m having trouble to see my personal Playlists when using Tidal with MyVolumio. The Playlists are shown in the Tidal WebApp but Volumio does not display a single entry when on My Music -> Playlists.

RPi3 with latest Volmio2 and HifiBerry DAC+

Please let me know if you need any other information for getting an idea of what’s going on.


Yep, same here…

Same to me - I can create a playlist- but then not to be found under TIDAL/My Music… nowhere in TIDAL- I can find it under volumio/playlist- unfortunately without any chance to be played - same with favourites - no chance - what the hell do I wrong???

You’re not doing anything wrong, it’s a bug on our side. We should have fixed it in the latest version, can you please check if that’s the case (update first) ?

I use iMac and minidsp-shd (Network streamer) - which download shall I take? I only find for PC and Raspberry and Odroid and Sparky and Ausus tinkerboard … but anyway grazie mille per il sopporto eccezzionale

I also use iPad as control unit

Nucleus are you looking for an update for the minidsp shd (BTW I love this streamer… Minidsp did an outstanding job with it) ?
If yes it’s about to happen, just wait a couple of weeks and there will be an update for it

Very good news - thanks a lot

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I’m using Asus Thinkerboard, just updated it, and now I see my playlists in Tidal. Great job. :smiley:

I am using myvolumio with the Odroid C2. I have updated to the latest version. However, no personal playlists is shown.

Just wondering how I can fix it? It is a crucial feature for me and the main reason to try the subscription.

same problem using usbridge. I cannot save playlists in tidal. Volumio saves them in the main menu/playlist and they are empty.
My workaround: I save them in favorites in tidal with volumio and then using tidal app I add them in the dedicated playlist