Tidal Personal Playlist

I couldn’t get a response to this on the MyVolumio Help and Support Forum, so I’ll try here.


Raspberry Pi 3 B+, Allo Boss DAC, Volumio version 2.513
I have subscribed to MyVolumio Virtuoso to play Tidal HiFi
Connecting to volumio.local from iPad.

It a great way to stream 44.1 kHz/16 bit tracks.

However, there doesn’t seem to be any way to manipulate Tidal personal playlists in Volumio.

For example, from within Tidal/Volumio,

  • How do you create new Tidal playlists?
  • How do you add tracks to an existing Tidal playlist?

In the playback screen there are options to add to favourites and create/add to playlists.

However, these option do nothing with Tidal tracks.

Can someone tell me if I am doing something wrong?

For now you can’t create new TIDAL playlists… Do you think it will be a useful addition?

I should explain some things about how I use Volumio.

My ONLY music source is on line streaming from Spotify and recently Tidal HiFi. I have no local music source.

I have been using Spotify for many years, most recently via the Spotify Connect plug-in on Volumio.

So, maybe my expectations of the MyVolumio/Tidal UI are a bit too high, as it is quite new.

I subscribed to MyVolumio and Tidal HiFi to stream high quality music through Raspberry/ALLO Boss DAC. That’s a success. So, great job!!!

Back to playlists.

Actually creating Tidal playlists on MyVolumio/Tidal is probably a “nice to have”. However, adding songs to an existing Tidal playlist is more important - to me anyway.

A bigger issue from a user interface point of view is that these functions are currently available on the Playback screen, and they LOOK LIKE they are doing something, but DON’T.

So, in summary, please provide the ability to add songs to (and remove from) existing Tidal playlists. I do think it would be useful.

Ok, we will add that feature.

Yes - I look forward to this :sunglasses:

Great to know you take these suggestion on board.

I’m sure it would be useful for Spotify and Qobuz too.

I would also appreciate this feature. If you could make it so you could have a mix of local and tidal songs in a playlist that would be great. Plex offers this, however plex is bloated now days.

I am in the same boat. I mainly use Tidal with volumio. Controlled by the AndoidApp.

If I found a nice album in the volumio search (which is too limited by the way…) and enjoy the music, the only way to remember it for later use is this:

Open the Tidal APP (I only installed it for this purpose).
Find the album there.
Ad it to “My Music” within Tidal.
After this it takes some seconds to get it updated in volumio.

This is not really straight forward…

To answer your question: YES. Pleas ad this feature for us my volumio subscribers!



I notice on the new release (2.555), Tidal tracks can now be added to Volumio playlists.

However, Tidal tracks can’t be added to Tidal playlist. Is this planned in a future release?

Yes please!!!

IMHO it would be a really important addition especially being a service via MyVolumio.

Being able to save those playlist directly to Tidal (and others) whitin the Volumio GUI would be a plus and most likely the better way to implement this.

Somehow when I add to favourites or to a dedicated “tidal named” playlist and I try to load the playlist back it shows empty. So I assume that even the more simpler “local” Tidal playlist (as in not using their API’s) is not implemented … or am I doing something wrong?

I don’t thing your doing anything wrong. Tidal playlists just don’t work very well in Volumio.

There must be a lot of users whose only source of lossless music is Tidal and the only reason for subscribing to MyVolumio is to stream from Tidal.

Working with playlists is a basic requirement. Without it, the appeal of Volumio is greatly reduced.

MyVolumio was only introduced a few months ago, so it’s early days. I hope this basic requirement will be available in due course. It would make Volumio a really great solution for streaming from Tidal.


Do you still plan to allow Tidal playlists to be edited from within volumio?

Hi, yes, but it won’t happen shortly

This year sometime?

Yes, I hope so.
We’re also reworking the UI to allow that to happen, so this is why it will take time

That’s great.

I don’t know of any other music software that can do this - not even ROON!

If you can do it, that will be major success.

Keep up the good work!

Thanks for the support! We will do our best :wink:

Hi, good product!

Although it would be nice if the button with the heart symbol would add the song to the Tidal ‘Tracks’ internal playlist instead of the Volumio Favourites (or add it to both). Right now it does not work either way: i press the heart icon and it turns to green & a notification panel appears, but after few seconds it turns back to unfilled state and the song is not found at the Favourite playlist).

  • Today i played a Tidal playlist and notice the following: few songs were randomly skipped during the play.

  • It would be also nice if i play a song (eg. from a playlist) and when it finishes the next song could start automatically. (update: i notice that it continues playing songs from the queue but i started a song from a specific playlist so it would be convenient if the next song starts playing from that same playlist i guess).

Cheers & thanks in advance!

Any update to this? I still am struggling with liked songs appearing like they are added but seconds later are not in there and the heart is in filled.