Tidal not working on 2.672

MyVolumio has completely stopped playing from tidal since the 2.672 update.

Anyone got any clues how to resolve this?

Things I’ve noticed since the 2.672 update.

1 - NAS files are fine and play perfectly
2 - I’ve factory reset my old build. Nothing.
3 - flashed a fresh downloaded 2.672, started entirely from scratch. Exactly the same.
4 - Tidal itself recognises the file is being played, PC playing tidal will halt audio and say “playing on volumio”
5 - playing now screen shows cover art, but won’t change from 0:00
6 - tidal tracks add to the queue and browse like normal.

I’ve had MyVolumio for a good few years, never let me down. Now I can’t for the life of me get it to play Tidal and all that changed was the 2.672 update earlier today.

Any help or clues would be enormously appreciated.

Sorry. We are on it

Thanks for the update! Much appreciated.

Just released a new version which fixed the issue. You’re looking for version 2.673