Tidal not playing

Just upgraded to Myvolumio from the free version. Did this explicitly for the Tidal integration. Previously I was using Airplay to get Tidal into Volumio. Tidal will not play. The message appears that it is playing, but nothing happens. It populates the playlist, but no sound. I am on a raspberry pi 3b with a OsaElect ONE +. Help me with advice please

If your are on v.2.672 upgrade to 2.673!

Hi Michelangelo,
I’ve Raspberry 3+ with Allo DigiOne Signature with system version 2.657 and Tidal works with this configuration, but the Odroid C2_HiFi Shield 2 with system version 2.672 doesn’t work, with the previous one it worked!!! What’s happened? Is there a link with the latest system versions?