Tidal, need extra step after selecting artist (ie albums/EP)

First of all: happy with this great platform/program. :smiley:
Subscribed to Volumio Virtuoso to use Tidal and ofcourse to support.
When I use the Tidal-app (windows & android)and in LMS (Logitech Media Server with upnp/dlna-plugin) it let me choose what to find after selecting an artist: Albums, Singles & EP’s, Collections, Tracks, Playlists

Unfortunately in Volumio, this isn’t possible, Volumio takes me directly to the albums. So not the whole repertoire is listed after selecting the artist.

In case of this example, I’m missing an existing EP:
Artist: Jinjer
resulting in two albums, while the EP named ‘Micro’ is also available, but not listed. When searching for ‘Micro’, I can find this under albums.

I hope I made it clear and hope this can be fixed or explained.

Keep up the good work!


Please add this