Tidal - My Mix - playlists

I have tons of local stored music and also Tidal subscription but what I find important is a discovery of a new music. Every day I look for a new music. I believe many of you will agree with me that MY MIX section (generated playlists based on your currently played songs and with similar algorithm based new suggested songs) are a must have new feature missing in Volumio. Please developers add and ideally also the suggested songs, albums, “because you listen to…” albums - tracks?

Thanks for the suggestion! We are looking into it!

Any progress on this - I’d really like to see better integration of Tidal on volumio - Maybe take a look at the USB Audio Player app for how they have done it - it seems like the Tidal API allows for it (though i dont know if they charge for a licence)

Is go to album/artist in Tidal interface possible?