Tidal "My Collection" not correctly listing alphabetically

I’ve only been using Volumio (via an Allo USBridge, with Tidal streaming as my sole source) for a few weeks now, and I like it. However, one thing that’s constantly bugging me is that my “My Collection” listing does not really follow any specific order, regardless of how it’s set. For example, if I choose to list by Artists in Alphabetical order, it’ll do it correctly up to mid-way through the B’s, then it’ll skip to the “The’s” and then skip to the W’s and then back to F’s and then up to R’s and so forth. I get the same thing whether I go through a web browser or the Android app. I’ve tried reordering by song title or going to date added and back, but to no avail. It makes it difficult to properly scroll through the listing.

Same for me. I too, reported that. It’s the same with sorting favourite albums by date added.

I am having the same issue. I have tracks all over the place when searching through my Tidal Artists and Albums sections.