Tidal MQA Masters

If I subscribe to MyVolumio Virtuoso will I be able to stream the MQA Master files from my Ipad to my Raspberry Pi install and then to my amplifier please. At present I can only play them using the pc app? Thank you

I don’t think you will be able to stream from iPad (since it sends via airplay probably an already decoded song). However, MyVolumio enables an interface on Volumio at My Music through which you can browse your Tidal library (some things still need to be corrected but it works fine). Then Volumio will play directly from Tidal, without intermediaries.

The MQA part depends on whether you will be using a MQA-compatible DAC with your Raspberry or not. I use a Meridian Explorer2 through USB and it receives and unfolds MQA perfectly, correctly turning on the lights to point an MQA song is being decoded.

Other test I made is using Audirvana from Mac to send MQA tidal songs to Volumio as an Upnp renderer - in this setup MQA unfolding occurs by the DAC as well, but I am not sure of the variables involved in this kind of setup.