Tidal Masters first unfold

Hi, I’m using the latest version but can’t seem to achieve the first unfold for Tidal Masters - they are all playing at Hi-Fi quality. Any idea how to achieve that?


Presuming your DAC supports it, make sure you play with Volumio volume set to 100%.
Otherwise you will not have bit-perfect output and the DAC will not be able to unfold.

Thanks! I do have the volume set to 100% but the Tidal Masters are still playing at Hi Fi quality when I thought there would be a first unfold (e.g., when I tried with my phones). I’m currently using Volumio on RPi 3 with a Chord Qutest DAC.

i looked at your specs on the chord qutest dac but mqa seems not there …

Volumio does not unfold mqa, this would need a license which we do not have.
If your DAC is not capable of doing the unfolding than you just get HiFi.

Yes, Qutest is not an MQA renderer. But my understanding is that there would be the first unfold and sends 88.2kHz or 96kHz, higher than the Hi-Fi quality to the DAC. Using Tidal from my phone, I do get that but not from Volumio. Hence I’m wondering why.

without mqa you don’t have a unfold and volumio doesn’t have mqa