Tidal login not showing


I have been using volumio for several years but a few days ago I upgraded to a myvolumio account.
I have tidal hifi and would like to sync it with volumio. I am not seeing the login for tidal, it just recommends i start a free trial.

Can you please send me a log link?
Go to YOURVOLUMIOip/dev , create LOG, save the link and send me to techsupport@volumio.org

Please write me the sw version



Ok so the situation has some new information. I was working on getting a LCD to work and i moved the SD card to an older pi i have (rpi 3 B, the pi that it is not working on is a 3 B+) The login was showing there and i was able to get it working. So during the lcd work i ended up creating a new image on a different SD card, it also worked on the 3 B, but when i put that card back in my network player pi it reverted back to not showing the login.
I am running version 2.861. It is connected to a iancanada FiFoPi then a soekris dam 1021. I have the soekris selected as the i2s dac in the playback menu, i switched to generic i2s but it did not change the behavor…
In the dev interface with the player i selected the send log button. Should i have enabled the live log and copied it instead?

For me, several reboots fixed this. It seems to intermittently not show the login after an update or reboot

Thanks for the suggestion codeandrew.

I did get my system working and it has been working for several days now.
The problem was that I had two raspberry pi’s connected to my account. And the wrong one was selected as the device to link the myvolumio privileges.