TIDAL Issue after update

After update Volumio 3 from 3.378 to 3.396, the samplerate of every song (if it is MQA or not) remains 44KHz 16bit.
Version 3.378:

Version 3.396:


Do not worry about that, Volumio streams the unfolded MQA stream as-is and only displays what it can see.
Your DAC does the MQA unfolding and probably shows that on its display or with a led status, whatever. In case you can’t hear the difference, then forget about this useless format like may others do.

I 'm using an Hifiberry dac 2 HD, you can “hear” the difference between version 3.378 and 3.396.
I think it’s a software bug, because they did some modification for Tidal between those 2 versions.
I hope the Volumio team can fix this problem. I leave it now to version 3.378.


Does that even support MQA unfolding?

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None off the Hifiberry DAC’s supports MQA unfolding.

Please stop cross posting

Guys plz update this TIDAL problem!

Version 3.378

Version 3.423

I’m using Volumio on a 7 inch Touchscreen with TIDAL Studio.
The DAC i’m using is IFI ZENDAC V2
First picture with v3.378, the DAC displays MQA streaming wich is ok (the dac turns magenta = MQA unfolding and decoding)
After update to V3.423:
Second picture the DAC displays yellow = only 44.1 kHz 16 bit streaming = not ok
I’m using the same song!
Also have a studio account with TIDAL, and MQA is enabled in Volumio.
With TIDAL connect everything is fine, but in the Volumio Webui used for the 7 inch display (with RPI4) there is this problem!

Grtz Ludo

@volumio, @DED

Hi seems we get more reportings that something is going wrong with Tidal

Thank you guys for reporting!

We are investigating on it

Speak soon

Many thanks for fixing the MQA problem with Tidal, with the new version 3.435!

Grtz Ludo


You’re very welcome and sorry for that happening in the first place