TIDAL is really patchy

Volumio Information

Volumio Version:2.779
Hardware: Raspberry Pi I think its a 2.
DAC: HiFiBerry Original.

Hey, Love the system as a whole. When it’s free I can let slide some level of disfunction as it’s free obviously but when I start to pay good money (virtuoso and tidal) I expect it to work. Have a few questions

a) searching does not search tidal, only locally (ie what I have liked in tidal and my other shares on my network). This needs to be better.

b) random music , albums and playlists that the tidal native site has no problem playing do not play under volumio. plus it takes up to 10 seconds to play when the tidal website is pretty quick. less than a second.

Please help. I really like you guys, I love the pi and I love linux. I don’t want to have to go elsewhere.

Not trying to be a dick, thanks in advance.

I think that both Tidal and Qubuz integration are being redone/worked upon at the moment, but thank you for the feedback, and watch this space.

I am in the same boat…you are being kind by call the interface patchy. Can we have someone answer when the rewrite will be available? Please?

I’ve also found Tidal integration too weak that I wonder if it really is worth paying for it.

I bought the Pi + volumio subscription on the promise of a great music experience. Yes maybe the volumio+ Pi have good sound quality but I don’t think it’s that far from what a chrome audio can do.

But the volumio tidal native app is absolutely way behind the experience of casting from tidal android/ios app to the chormecast audio.

I find no reason to continue paying for a bad software in volumio when Tidal already gives me an excellent App.

I’ll cancel my volumio subscription

Hi, Is there a developer online that can answer the simple question of when the tidal interface is going to get better than it is. Since joining tidal and the paid Volumio service I have seen zero changes to an interface that sorely needs it. You should be looking after your paying customers otherwise you will not have any, I thought Tidal would be a priority since its bringing in the money.