Tidal integration - problem with list sorting

Hi everybody out there,

I’m a MyVolumio user since last week, currently in the Virtuoso test period. My first experiences are pretty good. Flawless Raspi setup, Tidal connection & integration to my soundsystem. I think I’ll keep it up after the 15 days.

So far, so good - some problems & questions came up whilst using MyVolumio’s native Tidal integration more intensly:

On my Volumio the alphabetically sorting of artists seems to be broken, showing up only few artists in a first “a-z block”, followed by a second and a third one. The second a-z section contains two thirds of my artists, the third starts with “a” and ends up with “r”.

A little bit tricky to find a certain artist without knowing which of the three a-z blocks contains it :slight_smile:

Any hints what I can do about it? Maybe clearing users data in the system settings?

Next topic: Is it or will it be possible to add songs/artists/albums to Tidal’s favorites directly instead of adding them to the Volumio database? To me this would mean a great boost of Tidal integration’s usability.

Last but not least: Do you have a roadmap for the further development, especially regarding the Tidal features?

Thx in advance for your reply & keep up the great work,

I’m also seeing strange ordering when viewing Tidal albums sorted by artist.

Any update on this issue please? I’m also in my trial period and unlikely to see it through if it looks like no progress is being made.