Tidal in Volumio

I have installed the image at volumio site for odroid c1+.
Recently I upgraded my account to virtuoso.

But I can not see and start up tidal in my system .


Meanwhile I can not see any list at Plugin menu.


Please help me where do I wrong.

Same problem here… I would like to know the solution for this…

Thanks and regards


Same here as well.

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Same issue here… v2.575 on RPi

Same here, latest software, RPi, MyVolumio Virtuoso plan (in trial mode currently), no Tidal support. Thx!

Guys, sorry for the issue. We are working hard to fix this for good.

For those affected :
Send an email to info at volumio dot org and you ll get a month refunded
Do also send a log after the system starts and paste the link in the email.

Sorry again but the more info we get the better we will be able to solve it for good