Tidal Hi-Res FLAC - Available (?) Now

It seems to be that all the albums/tracks with M label on Volumio will play high resolution on Volumio native and on Tidal Connect. All the Tidal Connect highres albums/tracks will be played 16/44.1 on Volumio native if there is NOT M label. This is obvious bug. Where should it be fixed? M used to mean Master quality. Now there is flac and MQA on Volumio M labeled. But not all the highres Tidal provides.

If I understand your situatin correctly, it’s not really a bug in any other sense that the (annoying, IMHO) Tidal policy of Hi-Res FLAC get’s priority over MQA has been implemented on Volumio.
This means, that if a track is available* as both Hi-Res and MQA, the Hi-Res version will be played.
If only available in MQA, it will be played.
(and if only Redbook 16/44 available, this will be played)
*) There is a (somewhat elaborate) way to make the Tidal web player show which versions are available.

That’s not a bad default, I’d prefer hi-res FLAC than MQA - most people wouldn’t have an MQA supported device. Even though i have an iFi Zen Dac on my PC setup I wouldn’t mind them still phasing out MQA. It’s always been a contentious issue and hard to trust what quality you are really getting. Seems to get the audiophiles noses out of joint a lot.

It seems the music catalogue is still being updated, with more titles available in hi-res FLAC through 3rd party integrations (native Volumio UI, for example) vs. the Tidal app - but many more are still missing.

I’m curious as to why some titles are available this way and others aren’t. I would have thought it to be granting access to a single new repository or endpoint with everything included. Any ideas?