Tidal direct connect

What about this? https://www.stereonet.co.uk/news/tidal-connect-launches-on-bluos

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Assuming this works as Spotify Connect does, this is awesome news for Tidal users.

Now for the real questions:

  • Will Volumio be able to include it?
  • If so, will it be part of free Volumio, or only available for My Volumio?

It seems that Tidal authorizes platforms that can use it. There doesn’t seem to be a public API like Spotify has.
Tidal’s big business mistake would be limiting that.

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It’s actually similar for Spotify - you need to have be Hardware partner to get the official SDK

The public API is only for control of the endpoint, and track metadata. But, they have very recently added a beta API for playback in the browser.

Is there any possibility that it will be integrated into Volumio?


A properly working plugin would be great! I love the ease of use of Spotify but I do not like the lossy output. I think to use the native user interface is always much better than any other implementation (even if I think about Roon for example).