Tidal connect problems

Volumio 3 Issues?

Volumio 3.378.
WIndows 11 app
android app ->works fine
Tidal connect works sometimes most of the time it does not work. It ones worked when I did a new install now I do not get it working again. Pitty because it is a great feature.

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Interesting, it’s the opposite for me. Windows 10, however the Tidal app on the computer has been very consistently reliable for Tidal Connect. The Android App, however, has been brutal. If it does show the Pi, clicking it does nothing and checking the logs confirm a TLS handshake failed error. No such issue through the Windows app. Both devices are on the same local network (not sure if that matters at all).

Sometimes clearing cache/data or reinstalling the Android app allows it to appear when it otherwise went away, but it doesn’t change the TLS error.

I have another Tidal Connect endpoint, a WiiM Streamer, in the home. When it appears in the Android app, I’m able to connect to it and play, but still TLS error with the Pi. But it also usually does not appear in the list at all (like the Pi) but I thought it was strange that I can connect to it when it IS there, but not the Pi either way.

Again, 0 issue through the Windows app.

Really hope this gets resolved soon! Seems to be on Tidal’s side but hard to say for sure. I wonder if other Pi-based devices are having these issues or if it’s just a Volumio thing right now.


Maybe I fixed the problem, did follow the next steps:
First I did shutdown RPI3B.
Then I did reboot my router. And waited til internet connection came back
Turned down windows 11 a few minutes
Turned RPi back on.
Started Windows again. Started Tidal app and tidal connect is back.
(shutdown once more win11 for testing)

I did turn off the app a few times and Tidal connect still keeps working

problem is back again. And when a mqa file is playing then output cd quallity.

…Did a factory reset and it seems working now

Yeah, unfortunately it seems like the problem works its way back in shortly after a solve.

I figure the next thing out, but do not understand the issue:

It is a network problem: When I reboot win11 than the volumio device (rpi3b) disappears. When I switch my wifi from 2.4 to 5 or from 5 to 2.4 the volumio device comes back.
And I think the network settings has to be public for discovery volumio device.


Davide, from tech support

We are aware of the Tidal connect issue and we are investigating on the root
We’re waiting for Tidal feedback about it
I kindly ask you for your patience
It will be our priority to keep you informed!

Thank you so much!


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