Tidal Connect not active after reboot

i have a premium abo and using latest version 3.4.23.
my problem: i have activated tidal connect in the setup and it works fine.
but after rebooting the tidal connect is not available. i have to go the the setup again, uncheck and recheck the tidal connect and then it work’s again.

how can this be fixed?


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Same issue. Replying to bring more eyes to the issue. Seems to be many users experiencing this.

I found that if I log out of my Volumio account, restart my Raspberry Pi and then log back in it seems to work.

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Same problems as above. I greatly appreciate the logout trick, as l had been resetting my pi when this happened before. Still seems to be a problem with 3.546 released last week.

Hi guys,

we are finalizing the tests on the latest build, for the 8th of November’s release and this problem seems not to be occurring

thank you for your reports meantime


Also in ‘general settings’ I clicked on ‘Run first Config Wizard’ and that has seemed to have fixed things better than my previous method.