Tidal Connect - no MQA on full decoder DAC

I have the latest Volumio version on a Rpi4 attached via USB to a Topping EX5, this being a DAC which is capable of performing a full MQA decode. I am using Tidal Connect via Volumio but only seeing 48khz on my DAC readout and No LED light which would normally light up when decoding an MQA file. These are for Tidal files which I know unfold to 192khz.

I have verified that in the Sources menu I have configured Tidal for both MQA and ‘highest possible’ settings. My DAC is working normally and as expected otherwise.

Removing the Pi, I achieve the full 192khz playback with MQA light if I attach my iPad playing the Tidal app to the EX5 via USB.

I notice some other threads reporting the same issue on a DAC via USB which is capable of full MQA decode. Does anybody else have this DAC and has encountered the same issue?

Thanks in advance for any assistance in this.

Try to disable volume control in Volumio, if the stream is modified you won’t get MQA decoding.

Thanks for taking the time to reply. Yes, I had already done this with no change.

However - I have reflashed the OS on a different card and it seems (for now) to be working. One for Miss Marple 🤷

And now it’s back to 48khz again! No idea why.

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Because the implantation of MQA is a mess.
Besides it’s noisy and lossy the actual resolution of an MQA file is 17/48