TIDAL Connect MQA ... Raspberry Pi 4 + Hifiberry DAC2 HD

Hey I jumped on a subscription trial as soon as I read the Darko.Audio article about Volumio supporting TIDAL Connect. Good user experience so far. My question is about support for MQA in the implementation of TIDAL Connect. I’m curious to know if a Raspberry Pi 4 + Hifiberry DAC2 HD will render MQA fully? Thanks

The hifiberry dac2 hd does not have any MQA capabilities, so it’s not possible. The Volumio Tidal Connect method also does not decode MQA other than pass the MQA file over to a capable dac that can preform a full MQA decode.

Not sure that there are any i2s DACs capable of MQA??

The Gustard 16 X is MQA capable AND has an IIS input.

Yes there is I own one. the SMSL M400. It has the i2s input. Also better than MQA- Go on Amazon. They sell a box for $69.00 it accepts the digital HDMI signal in from your SACD player. It passes thru the digital lock that is on the SACD disk and digitally goes into your DAC. You will never have to play your SACDs via Analog out. You play it in true 24/192. It amazing. A company sells the box called the “breakout box” for $1000.00 USD. this is exactly the same for $69. All of your DVD Adio and SACDs now will play thru your DAC digitally. Its as good as it gets !!
I pasted their ad below

Unlock the DSD64 and hi-res PCM from your SACDs and Blu-ray Audio discs, then output the data stream to an external DAC for D/A conversion with full HD copy protection

Mike s