Tidal Connect max 48khz?

Volumio Information

Volumio Version: 2.882
Hardware: Allo USBridge
DAC: Allo Revolution

Just installed Volumio in order to get Tidal Connect feeding to my Allo Revolution DAC and it’s working well, except the DAC is showing the sample rate as just 44.1 or 48khz, even when I’m streaming a Tidal Master track that I know is encoded at a higher rate, e.g. 96khz. Is this a limitation of Tidal Connect, or Volumio or something else? Or is there some other setting I need to be looking for?

TIA for any help,

Hi Dave,
are you sure the Allo Rev is build for decoding MQA?

Your Allo Revolution does not support MQA, so the sample rate shown is the actual sample rate it receives. You need a DAC that supports full MQA unfolding and rendering.

Tidal Master tracks are actually encoded at 44.1 / 48khz. After MQA unfolding you get the so-called 88.2 / 96khz.

Thank you both for the comments!

Yes, the Rev DAC isn’t MQA, but the funny thing is that when I would stream the same Tidal tracks to the Rev DAC but via Roon instead of Volumio the DAC would display the 96khz.

Does Volumio support the first MQA unfold, as Roon did? Could that be some setting I’m just not finding?

Thanks again!

Unlike Roon, Volumio doesn’t support first MQA unfold, which is why you need a DAC that supports full MQA decoding (as opposed to just a renderer).

That clears it up then; many, many thanks for the info!