Tidal Connect is super flakey

Literally the only reason that I bought “premium” Volumio and the feature is shite.

Sometimes my devices see Volumio as a Tidal connect option, sometimes, they don’t

Even once they do se it, usually after rebooting Volumio, often multiple times there is no guarantee that it will actually play, not drop out out after awhile, or have my device stop seeing Volumio as an option.

As a direct comparison it works 100% of the time without incident on my Sony TV. I would just use it, but the SQ is not as good and I like to do OTHER THINGS on my TV when I listen to music.

Up for renewal on My Volumio and see no reason to renew something that is so expensive and perpetually broken. Just going to use the BT from my phone to my DAC which works perfectly and is free.


Same problem here with Tidal connect. Most of the tiume TIdal connect icon is not there in devices.

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