Tidal Connect - Fixed bit depth

Volumio Information

Volumio Version: v2.915
Hardware: RPI3+
DAC: Soekris DAM1021

The DAC used in this case needs a fixed bit depth of 24 or 32 bit. (the DAC won’t accept 16bit).
So to use this DAC it is necessary to use a fixed “bit depth”. In volumio you can configure the fixed bit depth. This is working fine on the native volumio player and also with Tidal stream service on the native player.

But when using the “Tidal Connect App” volumio is ignoring the fixed bit depth setting and is using the native bit depth of the song that is streamed/played.

Is there an option to fix this?

Volumio3 will have a “Global Resampling option”, so this will fix your issue.
With Volumio2 that is not possible, sorry

Is this global resampling option allready implemented? Was not able to find it in volumio 3. And tidal connect is still runnin on the native bit depth :frowning:

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Can you be more specific on this?
In case you refer to MQA tracks, this may be relevant.

If I play a random normal 44.1/16bit track on tidal connect volumio is outputting 16bit on I2S.

For my DAC to function properly the I2S output needs to be 24 of 32 bit minimum.
So I use the resampling option set to 24 or 32bit.
This works for playing local files, and for the regular tidal play option in volumio.
But when playing “Tidal Connect” it seems that the resampling option is ignored by volumio 3.

Just tried normal tracks and MQA tracks, but same story…

gkkpch, my apologies for suggesting a bug that isn’t there.
Tidal Connect is following the resampling bitdepth in Volumio3.

I broke it manually by modifiying the “state.sndrpihifiberry” to a hardware mixer and that kills the resampling feature for Tidal Connect.

I’m totally not familiar with linux and i’m just following some suggestions from other threats.
So maybe you could help me out with some suggestions. (I need the hardware mixer because i’m controlling the internal volume control of the DAC via the RS232 port of the PI with a python script)

Is there an other way to make use of the volume control for hardware purposes without killing the resampling option?

thnx for the help

Thanks for being fair and letting us know, every feedback is welcome.
This is something only the core sound Volumio devs can answer.
@mervinio @timothyjward to the rescue :wink:

Assuming that the sound driver is written properly this should never be an issue. The sound output will only advertise supported bit depths and automatic conversion will take place in Volumio’s AAMPP if needed.

Otherwise you can force resampling to a fixed bit depth as described. This will (currently) affect all audio played by MPD, but not other sources. If you pick a bit depth not supported by your sound card then AAMPP will do a second resample to make things work.

Hi Tim, The sound driver is the “sndhifiberry”.

The problem is that the native volumio player and native tidal player is following the “bit depth” setting from the menu. But the “Tidal Connect” playback is not following the “bit depth” setting from the menu.