Tidal Connect - Devices not appearing on network

Is this a known issue that Volumio is working on? I just purchased a lifetime membership, and I am beginning to regret it. I purchased it with the specific ability to use tidal connect.

Whenever I go to use tidal connect my two raspberry pi’s with Volumio on them and registered to my account they almost always will not show up. To make it work I need to reboot the device, deregister it, and then reregister it to my account. This is very very very annoying and only works sometimes. I have to do this anytime I want to use this “feature”.

What’s more is that I have a Wiim mini also on my network and I never have any issues with it showing up as a Tidal Connect target which is leading me to believe that there is something within Volumio itself that is causing this issue. My wiim is always there and ready to be used as a device.

This is very frustrating due to the fact that using this software as a means to use tidal connect and then to sync all my rooms was the biggest reason for me to fork over the cash for the lifetime membership.

Are there specific networking requirements that have to be met for connect to work? Is my network possibly blocking a url or domain that I need to make sure is not blocked or needs to be white listed? Again, no issues with my Wiim mini using connect. It is always in the app when I look for it.

Hi, It’s frustrating I know, but posting the same problem on 2 existing threads and then creating another isn’t going to speed up help on a weekend evening. As you have Premium you are entitled to use the support service, but it is the weekend.


Here Davide from Volumio tech support

A support email has just been sent to your address, please follow up on that for further help.
We’ll talk about it on a dedicated email thread

Thank you!

Please provide a solution to the problem in this topic. I have been with Volumio for several years and have always had problems with Tidal connect. I have to reset my router or turn off the power to get the Volumio device to show up in the Tidal app. You really don’t have a problem with that?


The issue at hand seems to be uncommon and likely stems from specific network-related causes. To thoroughly investigate your case and gather detailed information, we need to delve into the specifics and, if necessary, examine logs.

For optimal resolution and follow-up on customer issues, we recommend utilizing the dedicated Premium support channel rather than the community forum. This will enable us to provide more personalized and focused assistance.

You can send an email to: support at volumio dot org
raise a ticket HERE

The only thing I can suggest is to check for the latest update 3.569 from SYSTEM MENU–>CHECK UPDATES


My specific instance of this issue related to also having the Roon Plugin installed. I think there is something going on with the Roon Plugin not “releasing” the audio device. I am guessing if others are using Spotify connect or other plugins it may cause the same issue. Once I uninstalled the Roon plugin the issues with Tidal connect went away.

Where I get upset is when Volumio passes the buck on how plugins are not formally supported. Roon is a massively used product. I suspect it comes down to Roon being a competitor of Volumio which would make sense as to why they wouldn’t support the plug in. That said, why even offer it on your plugins when it causes issue with your own software and features? It makes it seem half-baked and is obviously troublesome for support.

This looks to be related to the fact that Roon Bridge starts in exclusive mode:

Threrefore there is a conflict with TIDAL Connect.

Re the fact that we “don’t officially support ROON”. Well, we do (we don’t see them as competitor) but we can’t do anything special with the Roon Bridge plugin as it’s merely an installer for something we don’t have control on (it’s a binary that we can’t modify in any way).

That being said, we offer a perfectly functional and well supported ROON integration in our products, using ROON Ready (which is the only way the recommend doing and allow us to do).

Hope that clarifies. We should however add a note on the plugin that this causes known issues with Tidal Connect.

Thank you for the response. To further clarify, When you refer to Roon Ready products you are talking to your hardware products and not when using Volumio with a RPi, right?

So anyone using the platform with a RPi and using the Roon Plugin will have this conflict with Tidal Connect?

Is there a way to get control or make a custom plugin for the software offering that would remediate the conflict?


Looks like it

We will investigate but there does not seem much that we can do…

Thank you. It would be good if this was listed in an FAQ somewhere or like you said mentioned on the plugin.

I understand any software development related to this compatibility has a cost to the business but it would just make it so much better if we could have our cake and eat it too.

Thank you