Tidal Conenct MQA - Primo

Hello All,

Recently purchased a Primo HIFI to used Tidal connect ( was previously using a laptop for Roon )
I was under the impression that this unit would decode the MQA tracks to 24/192 but looks like it’s only playing them at 16/44 - through analog.

When I connect the primo digitally to my Anthem AVM70 it seems to be playing all at 192 ( as shown on info screen ).

I’d like to take advantage of the DAC in the Primo to play the higher resolution files, can this not be done? That’s pretty well the only reason I bought it as I already have a Lyngdorf 1120 that can stream.

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Did you check this DAC is capable for MQA?
I cannot find any description that says “for MQA”.
The possibility to stream Tidal does not mean you get MQA.

And where did you read/ hear this? Volumio/ Primo has never been advertised as MQA compatible.
It can pass an MQA stream to MQA compatible audio devices, but does not decode/unfold.

I guess I just assumed that having Tidal Connect it would be able to, I’m very new to the streaming world and just wanted the full feature set of Tidal. :man_shrugging:

I do not know if it is appropriate in a Volumio forum to recommend a product from another company, but if MQA is so important for you I always recommend the Bluesound Node II. Same price range as the Primo, but you will not find Volumio in it.

The real question should be, “should mqa be important to me?”
Just looks like the volumio downsamples everything to 44/16

My opinion: MQA does not matter. I tried nearly everything to get the mysterious Magenta light. At least I got it. But with my setup, which is for sure good enough to show differences…it is absolutely not worth the price. I am writing over Tidal MQA streams, I never tried MQA files from a purchase.

Exactly this kind of disappointments i was scared of, when I had to choose a platform for my music streams. And I did choose for Qobuz, not having all that MQA circus around it. :wink:

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If you don’t want to play bit-perfect MQA is an option. It uses modified master files, so people find it “beter sounding”. In fact MQA is a lossy format, you’re better of with Qobuz.

MQA seems to be a buzz word lately…