Tidal - Basic suggestions


I am a new user that pay for Volumio. First of all I would like to say that I really appreciate it. It works (pretty) well on my Raspberry Pi 3 and I am waiting for my Allo digital transport card.

I am mainly using it together with Tidal but there is some basic stuff that I really miss. For example:

When searching for an artist and the albums shows, Is there no way to see a artist page?
I can only see albums and no “Best songs” or something similar.
I can however see songs when searching for the artis and the first list comes up, but it is not with the specific artist and shows all titles included in the artist name.

Second thing is when I find an interesting album in the “New section” and start playing it, there is no way of just pressing the artist to come to the artis page. Is there another way to do that? I cannot find it?

If I press the album in the bottom left corner and see the album cover + volume etc, there is no back arrow or some other way to go back to the page I was on before. Is there a way to fix that?

Thanks a lot for this software!
It is perfect for me when its working well (some Wifi issues otherwise good).