Tidal artwork display

Hello, I’m a new user of Volumio and I’m quite pleased with it.

One of the use cases is being able to stream Tidal songs on my work, where all content from Tidal is filtered (*.tidal.com is blocked by the proxy).

I tried to play Tidal content with Volumio, and the sound is working great. But only the sound. All artworks aren’t displayed. Why ? Because the sound is coming from the Volumio server, but the artworks are displayed directly from Tidal (resources.tidal.com).

To solve this, the artwork have to be displayed from the Volumio server as well as the music.
I would love to have this feature (optionnal) available in a next release.

Sorry but this is such an edge case that we can’t really commit to it.

If you can, install a VPN and you should be fine…

OK I understand. Hum a VPN in my office laptop… the sysadmins won’t like that :confused:

I’m happy with that, but I wonder why artworks and music are dealed differently, it wasn’t possible to stream directly from Tidal ? Or there is a specific reason ?