There's no multiroom/zone option available at the bottom of the screen

Volumio Information

Volumio Version:2.873
Hardware: RPi 4B 2gb ram
DAC: Nanosound DAC

Not subscribed to myvolumio

Hi, I’m new to volumio. I have installed 2 devices on my network - Volumio and VolumioDB. Although I can browse to each of the devices, there is no multiroom devices displayed at the bottom. Do you know what I need to do so that I can see both devices at the bottom of the screen?

have you tried to click on small speakers bottom right ?

Thanks for your quick reply. Yes, I have tried that too. It has the ‘no entry’ symbol when you hover over it. Since I posted, I have signed up for myvolumio - Virtuoso.

It should be available even with free version…
Both devices have a different name?

That option is not available to me.There are no Zones and the speaker icon is disabled (No entry symbol displayed). The devices have been given different names.