There is no necessary DAC in "volumio"

My computer raspberry 3pi B+ does not display in the DAC Model “Aoide Digi Pro”.
Tell me what the problem is, there is the latest version 3.512
Which DAC Model mode to choose for this DAC.


unfortunately this Aoide Dacs are not supported by Volumio.

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p.s. there was a way to get them working on Volumio 2 but that’s not possible on Volumio 3 —- at least i don‘t know how to

cheated ?

I don‘t speak russian - but isn‘t the screenshot from a Version 2 Volumio ?

Me neither, but translating…

It seems they did a custom build for V3.512.
No clue if it will break OTA, or if it will work. For sure support is with Aoide.

I strongly advice against downloading Volumio images not from Volumio website.

Usually they have “dirty hacks” which can result in instability. Plus, you never know what you are getting…

I apologize for the language, I forgot to make screenshots in English

Tell me how they made it work on version 2. I’ll download it, the main thing is that it works.

I strongly agree to @Volumio to not use inofficial images.
And i also recommend to stay with version 3 - and forget unsupported dacs.
There are so much - even cheap and worthfull dacs that are supported. Why do you want to go with this exotic unsupported chinese thingies ?


but - if you are some kind of compiler specialist - let me know

…and don’t forget the “please” if you want to get something in your life :wink:

I agree with @volumio and @Josh2000.
Hacked Volumio images should not be used for various reasons.
Not only because you don’t know what else has been hacked into the image, they will fail with the next OTA update.
Such companies leave support to the Volumio community, something a serious hardware supplier should not be doing.
We had such a supplier before, selling the hardware and supplying their hacked Volumio version with it. Users would complain to us about issues we found were long solved in newer images, but they were stuck with an old(er) version.
After a lot of discussions, the company finally agreed to change that behavior.
They are now a prime example of how it should be: they created a plugin to install their own hardware additions. It will run on any Volumio 3 version and if the installation fails, the plugin creator helps with it.

Would a small Chinese company do the same?


I totally agree to @Volumio, @gkkpch and myself :wink:

But - seen from the technical aspect i would be happy to see someone to get the drivers compiled and integrated to v3

Nevertheless - that is neither an issue to the Volumio team nor to the community, but for the tinkerer with too much time…

Cheers and good evening


p.s. Why don’t get yourself another supercheap DAC that is supported ?

Another option for this company is to create a pull-request to integrate the drivers and settings of their DAC into the official Volumio image, as many other companies have done in the past.

But they are already partners of Volumio :rofl:

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yes, sure… what a bunch of liers!

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Hello boys and girls. This Aoide digi pro is allmost the same like a HifiBerry digi2/digi+ pro (with couple of small and minor design differences, but main parts and design is the same or equal), so driver for HifiBerry is working with Aoide without any problem (even driver for Allo digione is working, but this is a very different device overall) on official/genuine Volumio.