Theme settings unavailable

Hi everyone!
I cannnot see any theme settings in my settings\appearance menu…
How can I change theme or wallpaper?

I had the same problem and M1ck gave the answer. Link below.

It seems like they will fix it in a future update,
but until then it is the manual fix above.

Hi all, I have a similar problem: I switched to Classic UI just to check it out, now I cannot switch back to Modern UI / Manifest. Could somebody please tell me the corresponding internal IDs (strings) of these themes, so I can fill out the appropriate string value under theme → value in /data/configuration/miscellanea/appearance/config.json to be re-set to either the Manifest or Modern theme?

Thanks in advance

Check fot the option in System settings. Illogical I know, should be in Appearances.

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ahh! my bad ^^ Thank you! :hugs: