Theme selector

Thinking to implement a theme selector… Would someone give a hand on that?

Nice to have, but no essential feature.

I would prefer a cleaning up of the basics, first of all the awfull struggle against pops, glitches and all of these beasts. :wink:

I agree that “nice to haves”, as theme selector, is second to making the Volumio first grade audioplayer… Cracks and clicks are the more important to fix. Option to switch between gorgeous themes is good but no essential feature (and simple copy of the file can resolve anyone’s need to :“skin”!)

Keep up the good work!

a haa! I hadn’t thought of searching for ‘themes’ before posting my ‘colors.css’ post (in the wrong place! sorry!) I’ve worked out a very simple solution to enable the volume and playback knobs to change colour with the theme. as for the theme selector, I’m working on it… though I thought I’d have a go at optimising the css side of things first :wink:

Got it working! :smiley: lots of tidying up to do as there was a lot of trial and error involved lol, now I just need to make it stay on the colour chosen when you refresh the page… time to learn about cookies but in the mean time here’s a teaser pic or two…

wp_ss_20150305_0005.png wp_ss_20150305_0006.png

What we need more than anything is a local GUI for a 2.2 / 2.8 TFT screen so we can use the PI as a true network streamer!

I’ve got it working like a charm! it now just drops a cookie on your device and keeps your colour whenever you browse back to it. it changes colour instantly (no need to refresh the page) so now you can set a different colour scheme for each player/room! :smiley: (and your other half can have their own theme) :smiley:

All I need to do now is write some decent Themes! oh and carry on filtering out the unwanted bits of redundant css… :nerd:

Ooh yeah I like this a lot! :sunglasses:

I’m just writing a ‘how to’ so anyone interested can give it a go, I’ll update this thread with a link when its done and tested ( :nerd: I’ll run a clean v1.55 install and use my instructions to set it up, I’m bound to have forgotten something!) got some life stuff to do first tho… lol

another teaser…
Screenshot (40).png

ok finally its here! I’ve uploaded the files needed in a ‘How To’ called ‘Theme Selector - Installation’ in ‘Development Talks’

Link to the how to…