the webradio are turned off for no reason

hello … I use Volumio on Raspberry Pi for streaming Webradio twenty four hours a day … unfortunately the streamming is interrupted by chance … some solution? thank you

Any more specific pattern? I experience with 100% repeatability the webradio stream stops 5 minutes after I boot the Raspberry Pi 3. I then stop/ play & the webradio stream will run 100% reliably. Weird. I’ve not read anyone report this behavior.

the hardware is raspberry pi zerro with phat DAC to which I connect speakers with switch on of, Volumio latest version … the problem always happens at night … I have no alarm or sleep function activated … to restart the streaming I have to reselect the webradio

maybe I solved, when the line dsl disconnects the webradio stops and does not resume … the disconnections are caused by a router setting (Fritz box 3490) that disconnects the line at 3 o’clock to “clean the signal”