The upcoming Volumio 3.x release


I am a superstar Superstar subscriber who has been following all the posts on the beta version of Volumio and was hopeful someone could clarify which of the following features would be available once it is released into production.

  1. Equalization - Folks have been commenting on a ten band graphic eq as well as another option for a parametric equalizer and said it works in the beta version which you can manually add. But will the plugin in appear in the Plug menu for those of us who are not techie enough to do it ourselves?

  2. Screen Optimization - there are nearly 300 posts on this thread that have me really excited:

Contemporary optimizations for small or large landscape displays

But will these options be incorporated into the touchscreen plugin or some other plugin that can do what these folks have created?

  1. Qobuz – Fix all the bugs and issues with Qobuz. Please please please.

The new release seems really promising and would love to see them integrated in.

Thanks in advance for all responses.

@backenst wondering if Volumio 3.0 is going to be released any time soon. People have been testing for months, but get not any information. They should not add any of your new things, just make Buster work first, then continue adding new features to a beautiful piece of work. Otherwise it 'll be a never ending story with chasing bugs (because of a new things or buster?). Just my 2ct