The Tinkerboard IMG is no longer supported

Sad news from Volumio Technical Support:

Davide from Volumio commented:


I am sorry
The Tinkerboard IMG is no longer supported
No new updates will be available for that platform due to a very little request from the customers

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This is not quite true, yes, there are only a few downloads, that was the reason to take it of the Volumio OS webpage only.
AFAIK the board will be continued as a community porting, so there will be new versions, don’t worry…
New entry in community porting section is planned.

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That are better news. Thanx for clarification!

Ok, so what does this mean for us with a Primo V1 since it is based on the Tinkerboard - is official support ending and it is EOL? Do we rely on community support for updates?

No, primo v1 will keep on being supported and updated regularly