The perfect Dac with the AD5791BRUZ

who is interested to build a perfect Dac for the raspberry pi?

This dac is actually the best sounding and smooth like analog.
Test: … ic-center/

What do you think? How has the nowledge to build this in a small version to mach for a pi?

Have a look at this: … s-dac.html which discusses the AD5791 on the way through.

Much of the sound of a DAC comes down to how carefully you feed it and how you surround it. If you look at Allo’s devices, they spend a lot of time (and PCB real estate) making sure that they have very clean power feeds at the device level and isolate each stage to minimise cross-talk of noise/spurious signals/whatever. Look at their Katana product ( to see what I mean. You still need a RPi to run that.

An alternative approach is shown by Orchard Audio (, where simplicity rules. I personally run an Orchard Audio DAC and like it sufficiently well to keep it. I’ve got a number of HFB DACs from previous experiments, and they sound very good, just not quite as good as the Orchard Audio one.