The loudspeakers connected to my Pi

Enjoying a lot the PI and the Allo DAC…


Dominique T

outch ! :astonished: :smiley:

You’re really serious! :wink:

What are you using to drive that beast?

I designed and build the passive crossover. Before, I had VOTs (Voice of the Theatre), with only one 38 cm woofer. These ones are rare in Europe, wonderful 38 cm loudspeakers from Yamaha. The system is phase corrected. Very good soundstage and a lot of dynamics…

I have used many different amplifiers, but since a while, I am using a Preamp from Professor Kaneda, N° 218 associated to the amplifier N° 224.

Bedore discovering Volumio and the Boss, I was using a very good DAC from Kaneda with a PCM 1794, and a SACD/DAC from Yamaha CD-S2100, with an ESS9016 chipset.

The first listening with the PI and the Boss was really a choc… I could not believe my ears! :astonished:


Thats my Speakersystem. It´s under construction. PI and HIFI-Dac+

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Wow, you people have too much space in your homes :smiley:. I would love to hear how it sounds though …