The future of MyVolumio: let's shape it together

This thread will serve as an open discussion about the Future of MyVolumio. We listened to your feedbacks and we believe that together we can shape it to fit even more your needs.

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I can only speak for myself, but I am eagerliy awaiting synced multiroom before I will start to systematically deploy volumio. In the meantime I will keep paying for myvolumio for supporting development. Also I would like to have support for (multiple) bluetooth sources as input to the entire volumio ecosystem, but that is more secondary.

Thanks for asking for input.

Personally, I am looking forward to seeing the MultiRoom feature with perfect sync. I know that there is the snapcast-volumio-plugin available but I haven’t tried it yet.

As a contribution to shaping the future of Volumio, I’d like to mention that organizing “local” demo sessions, with the help of the members of this community, could be a meaningful way to attract new users. For example, I believe that our local Linux User Group would be interested in promoting such an event in our area. What could be of help in organizing such demo sessions, would be having shared materials to present, like slides, recipes for practical sessions, etc. Otherwise, each presenter would have to prepare his/her own materials.

All the new features are exciting to read about. But without timely and effective Help … what’s the point? Why pay?
I’m going to ditch Volumio in favor of a much more expensive streaming solution only because of support,

While Volumio is already wonderful, it would be cool to have a plug-in for Deezer.
Thanks for the good work.

The missing of the synced multiroom feature is the main reason I am not using volumio anymore. If in addition to multiroom a good old turntable could be used to stream my records into the system, I would be back immediately.

Good luck with your work!

I really like the way you ask for our input.
Qobuz did too and launched new subscriptions for hi-res streaming after my suggestions.
A corporation between Volumio and Qobuz would really have my interest as long as the hi-res streaming will be available without any attachments like discounts on downloads for instance.

It would also be nice to have more of the Qobuz features incorporated like new releases and filtering of music style. So you don’t have to jump between apps.

On the hardware side I would be interested in a Primo sort of audiophile solution without the DAC. Just I2s and USB output.

Keep the good work up and thanks for asking our input!

Thanks guys for the great feedbacks! What a great community we do have!

We are working together with QOBUZ to make it happen, there are lots of details to be worked out but it’s just a pleasure to work with them, not only they are my personal favourite streaming service, but as a company they are really forward-looking and very open to experiment. So, rest assured we are very committed to work side by side with them to make it happen.

For the new device, this is also on our wishlist. At the moment we are however focusing on all-in-one solutions (since they are intrinsically best value for money and we can guarantee the quality of the outcome). But we keep receiving requests in that directions, so we are exploring possibile solutions with some designers.

The multiroom feature is on top of our priority list for MyVolumio. A pure snapcast solution is something we already have working, but we are not satisfied by the usability of it. With this approach you will be able to sync only local content and streaming content, nothing else. So we are experimenting in a new direction which will hopefully bring great results. But again, we want to have this working asap as it’s the number 1 request we receive.

I LOVE the idea of local demo sessions! And yes, we can prepare & share some materials. This is totally in line with our mission of making audiophiles more aware of logical implications of listening to digital material. If you would like to help us in this direction, please send me an email at info at volumio dot org :wink:

I am sorry to hear that. We always try our best to support everyone (especially myvolumio users) and we want to be proud of our customer support. What have we missed? Why you felt not assisted?

Yeah, multiroom is our number 1 priority. Bluetooth input is also something we will deploy later on (since it heavily depends on the bluetooth hardware you have onboard, and thus for us it’s very hard to control the quality of the outcome).
One direction we will be taking after deploying the multiroom package is to create a “Audio network protocol” to allow inputs and outputs (also not volumio, but everything from DLNA to Sonos) to talk seamlessly together and become part of the audio system controlled by Volumio. It is a major work, but this is where we want to go.

We are considering the next streaming services to include: our list is now Apple Music, Pandora, Soundcloud and Deezer (in order of priority).

Connecting my turntable has been one of my dreams since I started. And stay tuned, because we are working side by side with Pro-Ject to make it happen :wink:

Hi Michelangelo,

I personally do not use Qubuz, Tidal or other payed services because of the fixed costs they bring with them, and i have a huge collection of music that i also can listen to if no internet is available. But i’m highly interested in the Multiroom feature.

Do you plan a less expensive MyVolumio yearly subscription that only supports Multiroom ?
That would be great.

My greatest wishes for the future:
An easy configurable LCD/VFD Display plugin. (like PydPiper but configurable in the plugin).
Support for the HiFiBerry ADC -> to stream music from analog sources into the Volumio installations
A 433MHz RF and or IR sender plugin to switch devices from the Volumio GUI
A plugin for an MCP23017 (or similar) to read more buttons or switch analog inputs

Thank you and the whole dev team :slight_smile:

Best Regards

Hi, just chiming in to say I’m very pleased to know you’re working side by side with Qobuz. I’ve switched to Qobuz after five years of Spotify Premium because of their superior quality and better user experience and those good news make me think I’ve made the right move! Looking forward for even better and tighten integration especially in advanced search/discovery functions and metadata management, as I listen mainly (but not only) to classical.

Alla grande ragazzi!!! :smiley:

There must be a great number of MyVolumio subscribers who’s only source of music is streaming services, in particular, Tidal for high quality music.

I know some people would like things like multiroom, Bluetooth and even voice control.

However, I really think you should focus on getting the core functionality right first.

For Tidal streaming it’s just not there yet. Basically, the requirement is to use Tidal via MyVolumio as easily as using the Tidal app itself. I’ve used BluOS, and honestly, MyVolumio is well behind in this respect.

On a positive note, Volumio is the best (maybe the only) standalone solution for Raspberry. And this allows access to many great cost effective DACs.

I’m sure MyVolumio will get there in the end, and that’s why I keep my subscription going.

So, for the future, get the basics right first, the nice to have add-ons later.

I am with volumio now and now myvolumio since some time now and really excited about the continuous improvement. I think it is a very solid, cost-effective and good sounding foundation for any audio system.

On my wishlist would be a next generation UI. In my opinion, the next generation of music player UI should include more info and background information about albums and artist playing. Curate music will be the next big thing. Especially with streaming services where you have an endless choice of music. Qobuz does already a good job with the recommended playlists and some background information on artists/album - although often only in French. Roon goes one step further their new radio function and the offer the possibility to open the PDF which often comes with the downloaded albums.

Thus my wishlist would be:

  • Include background info on artists and albums in cooperation with a data provider: Without having checked them, there seem to be some APIs around.
  • KI algorithm with suggestions for similar music, album. A bit like roons radio function
  • possibility to open the PDF which often comes with the downloaded albums.
  • integration of streaming service


Thank you for your tireless work on Volumio. The evolution continues and Volumio has made tremendous progress since I know it. This is fantastic!

A package with Qobuz is of course fantastic for people who do not have Qobuz yet. The separate Qobuz integration must still exist.
Options are not a priority for me, I think the savings will not be very big. If you think what an espresso costs …

Of course, the multiroom function is also a very good thing. But it should be possible to switch off the function and protect the settings with a password. Think of family with children .

Offers such as buying and forgetting is only useful to me as a complete package with all functions. Generally, I think if there are too many different offers, it gets confusing and it scares people off.


Current set up-Allo Usbridge-dual Ifi 5v PSU-feeding Oppo-205 DAC-streaming TIDAL mostly–feeding a Vincent SAT1-Parasound A21 -Zu Omen speakers.

I would like the Volumio version of TIDAL to more closely resemble what I see when running the TIDAL provided desktop app. I like being able to see most popular songs by artist, MQA symbol on applicable albums, and access to Playlists and other missing content under the Volumio system.

SAMPLE rate BIT rate -Can this information be more prominently displayed in all screens? So many of us want to be sure we are getting it at max quality!

Can the FLAC and HD stations be grouped together? It would make it easier to pick HD channels-I dont listen to low quality bit rate streams-I and others would try more new types of music IF we could easily assure max quality. There are too many options now! Radio Paradise is closest to this concept as you can pick rates and choose quality of stream on their web site.

Sound settings
Most of us are not techies-can the system be set up to more easily set our own systems for max quality. I dont know have the stuff mentioned under playback options. How about good-better-best-and then based on on DAC-ISP speed , and server we can be assured maximum possible quality.

thanks for listening!

Well said, in fact I’d like the whole Volumio UI experience to be more like Tidal… the Tidal Ui being easy to use, informative and “Obvious” - I beleive good things are to come :slight_smile:

+1 for this.
Using Tidal is great - but I always search for the music in the app first and after this I go over to volumio. Not really practical.
And please ad al the additional information (Credits) which is included via Tidal.

Please let us choose where to rip a CD. Right now I can not chose this. In the Plugin from Nanomasher this is possible.


Hi I think that Volumio is getting better and better! Congratulation for all your work.
For the future I wish we could have more information in the Qobuz section, all the playlists with the text
A better volume section
An audiophile equalizer (convolution or 1/3 octava or maybe an integration of vst plugin so we can add the fabfilter eq)

I totally agree with previous comments regarding improvement of volumio integration with Tidal. At present I need to be going back and forth from - to Tidal app in order to save artists, playlists …

Please consider to offer a new MyVolumio subscription that includes new features but excludes the bundled streaming services. I would like to support development and use new features but already pay for Spotify so I don’t need need more services.

I really like Volumio because it’s easy to grab a raspberry pi and have a great streaming device set up in any room of the house. I know the target audience is Audiophiles but in my garage it’s just an old car stereo hooked up to some 6x9 speakers and a cheap $2 USB audio adapter, powered by an old PC power supply. I think many users will have similar setups along with their exponentially more expensive systems. For these setups the convenience features matter more than anything else.

As always I appreciate all the hard work of the talented developers. Keep up the great work.