The download of the Raspberry image on the site does not work

hello, I can not download the image for Raspberry.
Could someone upload it to me?

I believe all download links on the site are “dead”

Thanks for your help !

can’t download

@volumio if you look at the url when pressed there is a S to mutch in the link
it’s not httpss please fix the URL on the
this is with all the buttons

The URL is wrong. It says httpss:// instead of the https://
you can manually change it

this is fixed by volumio so it should work now without problems…

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hahaha @dvo i hade the same problem yesterday i also removed the extra S :stuck_out_tongue: and it worked hahah

i passed it true to volumio now it’s fixed again…

Thanks a lot, yes I thought about it later to check the address and delete the “S”

Thanks guys for notifying, it’s fixed :wink:

Merry Christmas to all!