The D-Train, a Dieselpunk Volumio Device

Based on an idea of a German company called Siemens & Halske I build a music player of different kind. The basic idea of Siemens was, to build a modular radio system where the customer was able to buy one component after each other.

The original radio system was build 1924 and it has three bus systems.

Power bus
HF bus
Audio bus

I adapted this idea and build a modular Volumio player.

In the middle the main component
Raspberry with touch display
128 GByte Memory
Display Plugin
GPIO Plugin

Right hand side from the main unit the DAC with VU - meters
Left hand side from the main unit a measurement unit for the main voltages

And two active speakers 35 W class D

The D-Train Volumio player has three bus systems as well:

Power BUS (+5, +12, +24)
Audio Bus

All connected on the front by the copper bridges.

Detailed photos can be found at

Have Fun everybody

This is by far the best Volumio project I’ve saw… My big big congratulations!
Do you mind if I write an article on our blog about it?

Amazing work - congratulations!

Thank you very much.
If you like to write an article, please feel free.
Do you like some additional pictures?

Thank you again,


Yes, I would love em! Could you please send them to info at volumio dot org ?