The best quality recordings I could find...

I was looking for great sounding albums - well recorded, well mixed, well mastered and released digitally - HQ lossless files.

I found them!! Definitely the BEST sounding albums in my collection.
They offer PCM (original studio masters) and DSD.
Two FREE tracks to download PCM or DSD HERE

[i]"Our original idea was to only provide one to one copies of the original studio masters.
But we have had a number of requests to provide DSD downloads of our recordings.
We have been consulting various experts as well as conducting our own experiments on how to transfer our recordings to DSD.
What we finally arrived upon was that, in order to make full use of the sonic qualities of DSD, we would need to create new masters especially for the DSD medium.
After a full year of trial and error we finally found, what we believe, is the ultimate DSD conversion method. We transfer the PCM files via an analogue signal chain, using the best possible outboard gear to create a new DSD master file, and in so doing, embellish the unique qualities of DSD.

So just to clarify; Our DSD masters are not original studio masters.
We record in PCM, so if you want a native one to one copy of the original studio master, without any kind of conversion, choose the PCM download."[/i]

My favourite album is Batik ‘The Old Man And The Sea’ Dynamic Range 13
First track ‘The Old Man’ is on YouTube.

ENJOY! :slight_smile:

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Thanx, pal! These tracks are really interesting. I should listen to it couple of times to understand whole sounding

Thanks bringing these useful track links. (The music is good too) :laughing: